About Ken Elliott – Handyman

Ken Elliott has been building and crafting things his entire life.

Opening a Handyman Business just made sense!!

His work includes 10+ years working with a Buffalo based floral company, designing and building their customer decorations and special events.  From Hawaiian themed pool parties, with floating displays to elaborate holiday country club decorations, Ken designs what the client envisioned.

In New Jersey, Ken managed and maintained a fleet of J24 Sailboats for a local sailing club. Supervising the building of the maintenance facility and completing the inside of that building, to engineering repairs, building a custom cupola, to repairing boats and trailers.  Ken is a master fiberglass repairman, having repaired small dents to gaping holes.  Ken coordinated annual member spring boat prep days — overseeing the sanding and painting of 30+ boat hull bottoms.

In home repairs Ken has painted (interior & exterior); completed a total bathroom remodel; repaired and restored old barns, custom built and installed numerous doors; window repair/installation, deck rebuilding, roofing, etc.

Ken Elliott can help you get more of your To Do list DONE. A talented and skilled handyman!